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Reasons why to choose Scallop Shell Powder

  • Modern people are surrounded by chemicals and toxic additives.

  • While chemical products have their conveniences, they have harmed our bodies and environments.

  • Our company’s encounter with scallop shell powder has led us to believe in the power of this natural product to protect children, families, and the earth.

  • It’s safe, natural, and highly effective at reducing toxins and pollutants.

What is “Menage Natural Life”?

  • “Menage Natural Life” is a product made from Hokkaido Scallop Shell Powder that has been heated at over 1000 degrees.

  • In the age of chemicals, we believe natural products are a powerful remedy for our earth and our children’s futures. It is for this reason we have started this line of products.

  • We believe that by using non-polluting materials we can protect the earth and our children’s futures. We are commited to further research on other ingridients with this potential.

The hidden mysterious powers of Scallop Shell Powder

  • Aftert the shells have been heated, when placed in water, they will cause PH to rise above 12 to create a naturally alkaline water bath.

  • This alkaline water can get rid of poisons, pesticides, and harmful bacteria. It reduces the presence of a large number of toxins and pollutants.

▼Diagram of Elements which Scallop Shell Powder can dissolve and eliminate:
▼Diagram of Elements eliminated by use of Scallop Shell Powder:

Food poison substances that may exist

In other words, at a PH of 12 or above, virtually no bacteria can survive.

Dirty and Bacteria that is peeled off

The effects of “Menage Natural Life” have received validation from a third party

Results confirmed through the experiments:

Scallop shell powder is safe

Even though the process uses scallop shell powder’s alkaline properties, the materials are all 100% natural, and therefore are completely safe to use.

The product has been simultaneously classified as a food additive

The food product’s classification is : Additive 1

Our products have all been approved by Japanese regulatory and inspection agencies.Accidental consumption of the powder itself is still safe and not dangerous.

We have conducted studies that show accidental consumption to have no harmfu

The alkaline properties of scallop shell powder return to neutral upon contact with skin.

It is common belief that alkaline water
is harmful to skin, however,
“Menage Natural Life” have been designed
so that they return to a neutral pH
upon contact with human skin.

If it makes contact with your skin,
it’s no problem!
The product has it’s own security mechanism.
This way,
even families with children
can use it without worry.

This is “Menage Natural Life”. Consistently offering safe products that you can use with peace of mind.